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BODY ACTION S.A was founded back in 1994, and since then, the company has an ascendant course throughout the years in the field of fashion fitness clothing. It has accomplished to be one of the most powerful presences in athletic apparel. This fact renders BDA as the first choice of the modern consumer, who seeks differentiation, comfort but also functionalism in their clothing.

We can say that athletic clothing is indubitably one of the most powerful trends. Athletic apparel today has exceeded its conventional purpose, which was limited to be sports gear only, just for exercise and workout purposes. BDA collections are separated in three main themes:

BDA SPORTS is a classic-chic sport line, focusing in the comfort during training. With this concept in mind, the first priority was the perfect fitting and the functionalism of clothes. The collection is divided in Basic and Fashion fitness sub lines.

In Basic fitness line the branding is discreet and the fabrics are of exceptional resistance without particular treatments. In Fashion fitness line, colors with chemical processes were used together with distressed fabrics to give to the clothes a unique authentic touch. 

BDA COLLEGE line is characterized by bleached, washed and burn out fabrics with special treatment and finishing in order to obtain a more vintage outlook. 

Finally Glamour Fitness (only for women), is a contemporary high-end fashion collection that experiments in fabrics, patterns and styling.

BODY ACTION continuously expands the brand’s awareness in most of major international markets, with exceptional acceptance from the consumers of different nationalities. BDA exports in several countries, with sole agencies, as well as exclusive shops worldwide.


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