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Payment methods

1) Cash on delivery 
This way of payment is available only in Greece and Cyprus
2) Debit card / Credit card
You can use your debit-credit card: Master Card, Visa and Visa Electron.

3) Bank wire transfer or E-banking
You can complete all your transactions easy and quickly through online E-banking payments or via bank wire transfer.
1.Choose bank wire transfer or Ε-Banking  to complete your order.
2.Deposit the amount to the following accounts 
3.Please send us a copy of the transaction with an email: eshop@bodyaction.gr
ALPHA BANK:  125002320007684            ΙΒΑΝ: GR5701401250125002320007684

4) PayPal
Online via Paypal.com

All the transactions carried out on EURO

BODY ACTION SA has the right to delay any order in case of security check.  


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