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1) How do I track my order ?

  • You can track your order by cliciking here.
2) What are the charges for shipping & handling ?
  • Please check: Shipping and Returns
3) What are the return policies ?
  • Body action before sending any of you orders, guarantees that you will receive your product in excellent condition. After the delivery you have the right to return the product you bought within twenty days from the date of purchase, but keep in mind that you should always contact the company. As soon as your return will be accepted, we are obliged to replace your purchased product without additional charge. Please note that your card will be credited for your returned product within two weeks, and we will charge your card for your new ordered product. The department refunds upon receipt of your return, we will send your new order. It is important to inform you that there will be a re-charge on your card that will cover the new product you ordered while the figure for the product returned will be credited to your card within two weeks.
4) Will I get a confirmation number ?
  • Once your order is placed you will receive an e-mail from us with your order number. 

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